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  • Crown thinning is the selective removal of a portion of smaller branches, usually at the outer crown. It allows more light to pass through the tree, reduces wind resistance and reduces weight. It does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree.rown Lifting (or Crown Raising)


  • Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches and/or preparing of lower branches for future removal. Crown lifting is an effective method of increasing light transmission to areas closer to the tree or to enable access under the crown. Used where branches are causing an obstruction, eg over footpaths.


  • Crown reduction is the reduction in height and/or spread of the crown (the foliage bearing portions) of a tree. It reduces wind resistance, water up-take, allows more light through and to control the size of the tree.


  • Dead wooding is the safe removal of any dead wood from the tree.Tree felling is the complete removal of the tree. We have specialist equipment and our climbers are experienced in the sectional dismantle of large trees in confined spaces so you can be assured we will facilitate your every need and find a work around to avoid damage to property.


07960 551 281



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