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Commercial, Rail & Utility Arboriculture

Arbor Division has specialist teams and equipment for site clearance in preparation of construction and development works.

Staff competencies include:

Academic qualifications - NC Arboriculture, ND Arboriculture and HND Arboriculture.

CSCS cards to work on construction sites.

NPTC CS30, CS31A, CS31B, CS36, CS38 (aerial rescue unit 01 and 02) CS39, CS40 and CS41.

NPTC Utility Arboriculture units UA1, UA2.1 and UA2.2.

IPAF MEWP and Access.

Emergency First Aid at Work.

Building sites, Site clearance, 0191 377 1755, Site preparation, Tree felling, Stump removal, Stump grinding, Planning, Surveys, BS 5837, protective fencing, Arboricultural commercial contractors, protective fencing, ground cover, contracting for construction sites.

Commercial site clearance of trees and site preparation of construction sites.  0191 377 1755.  Undertaking tree work as specified on Pre development tree survey.  Stump grinding and weed spraying of sites ready for construction work to begin.  Installation of protective fencing and ground cover.  Crown raising, crown thinning, crown reductions woodland enhancement and tree felling.

Our Stump grinding service can grind stumps of any size and our specialist operator can work out a strategy where access is limited.

"The best customer experience is what we always strive for - The highest quality result is what we always achieve".

BS 5837 Pre Development Survey, Arboricultural Implications Assessment, Constraints Plan, Tree  Protection Plan and Arboricultural Method Statement.

The above are some of the documents required by planners before building permission is granted for development or any proposed construction including driveways, extensions and conservatories.

It is often a question of the chicken or the egg?  Before committing money to the purchase of land or architectural plans it may be wise to get a Pre Development Tree Survey to BS 5837 done first.  (If you have trees at or near the boundary of your property the council will request a survey in any case.)  The survey will provide data of the tree height, tree diameter, Root Protection Areas (RPA), crown spread, height of the lowest limb, tree vigour, life expectency, age, structural condition and retention category with full recommendations.

The data is illustrated on a plan showing construction exclusion areas within the RPA.  The buildings can then be planned around these areas without the need for method statements and further solutions to be prepared at further expense to the client.  These documents will give an indication as to the suitability of development with the trees present.

We strongly recommend mapping the RPA out first.  This can save time and money and avoid the inconvenience of being requested to move or modify your planned buiildings to avoid the RPA to conform with BS 5837 and building regulations.

In the event that a building modification is not viable we will design a solution to service the development around and within the RPA in harmony with BS 5837.

During an application pending approval the following documents will need to go before the planners for their inspection to assist in their descision.

Pre development surveys,

Arboricultural Implications Assessment,

Tree Constraints Plan / Tree Protection Plan,

Planting strategy

Arboricultural Method Statements and Development Tree Reports

All documents are carried out to BS 5837 specifications.

Tree Health Inspections

Most surveys and reports regardless of the requirements consider the health and safety of the subject tree(s).

Arbor Division consultants will assess the health of trees using factors such as body language, pockets of decay, fungal brackets and other visible defects present and will produce a report of the results found.  Usually a judgment is made on the safety of the tree based on the above.

When a cavity is enclosed, internal decay detection like a Picus tomography machine may be used to provide a description of the extent of internal decay.  A report with full recommendations will be prepared based on the results of the inspection.



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