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Conservation & Ecology

Conservation & Ecology Services, Trees in Conservation Areas, Planning Constraints and Tree Preservation Orders 

The law protects trees and woodland under a range of legislation that makes it an offence to fell or prune trees without permission. It is necessary to determine whether any trees are within a tree conservation area and if they are covered by planning constraints or a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

We can deal with the process of carrying out work on protected trees in tree conservation areas on your behalf. Contact us for more information and advice on conservation & ecology services.

hedges, shrubs and trees in garden to be pruned using safe methods
Arbor Division arborists felling dangerous storm damaged  trees in forest

Protected Species & Habitats

To protect our environment, species and habitats in the UK, there are many pieces of legislation to adhere to when considering vegetation clearance works. Our staff are trained to assess your site and record a wildlife risk assessment so that risk to the environment is kept to a minimum and legislation is followed.

Examples of Protected Species:

Mammals: badger, bats (all species), water vole, otter, dormouse

Birds: all breeding and overwintering species including barn owl

Amphibians and reptiles: great crested newt, smooth newt, palmate newt, grass snake, adder, smooth snake, slow worm, common lizard, sand lizard.

Botanical: all species and communities associated with woodland, grassland, heathland, wetland/aquatic, coastal / estuarine. Also lower plants and specialist groups such as bryophytes, lichens, slime moulds and fungi.

Invertebrates: all species and groups including white clawed crayfish, stag beetle and southern damselfly.

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