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Tree & Hedge Services

Whatever work needs doing around your property, let us give you a free, no-obligation quote to maintain your trees, shrubs and hedges in top health & condition all year round.

The following is just a selection of the most commonly requested services - contact us with your query for bespoke advice.

Tree Surgery:

  • Crown reductions and re-shaping
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown lifting and cleaning
  • Dead, dying and dangerous branches removed (deadwood)
  • Tree pruning, coppicing and pollarding
  • Root pruning
  • Fruit trees pruned

Tree Removal:

  • Tree Felling  - we use various methods depending on specific needs
  • Stumps Grinding & Removal


  • Shaped, trimmed, reduced & removed

For expert advice and to arrange a

no obligation FREE quote,

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